Sunday, 17 May 2009

Iran love Obama

Believe it or not the world’s leading people search engine has found that Barack Obama is the most searched for individual around the world and the most searched for person in Iran. Go Obama!
The statistics from yasni are based on 50 million searches in Q1 2009 from across the globe and despite media speculation surrounding the relationship between the US and Iran, the diplomatic approach that the Obama administration has adopted has resulted in a growing interest in Obama.
The results from reflect a huge increase in searches for Obama from Iran in the last 3 months. The overall Top 5 searches for worldwide are as follows:
1. Barack Obama
2. Michael Jackson
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Mugabe
5. Kaka
Steffen Ruehl, CEO and Co-founder of yasni confirms,
“Barack Obama is going from strength to strength according to our results and demand for more information about him has been growing by the day; this really reflects the increased global media interest in Obama and his ability to seamlessly become a citizen of the world.
“It is interesting to see the correlation between people from all across the globe; there may be thousands of miles between us but we all share an interest in politics, pop music and football!”

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