Sunday, 21 June 2009 a PR Stunt or the real deal?

I’ve come across some dodgy websites in my time, which have been set up to create money with an untrue story behind it. Themilliondollarhomepage (selling pixels to advertisers), set up by Alex Tew, strings to mind as it’s story seemed credible with the poor student that doesn’t want to be in Uni debt but wants to study. Until I realised he was a middle class lad who had financial support at his finger tips and he immediately dropped out of university after making 1 million and a vast amount of press coverage due to his fake sob story.
Then 4 years later I come across a similar story about budding entrepreneur Spyros Pyrgiotis who is selling text to advertisers on his website to raise his 17,000 university fees. At first I put Spyros in the same category as Alex and thought another lying student using a sob story to gain money but then I actually read his blogs and the article in The Independent newspaper and changed my mind.
Spyros comes from an island in Greece where unfortunately his working class parents cannot support him and as he’s been in the UK less than 3 years he cannot even get a loan or any financial support what so ever. Then I thought well get a job like the rest of us but realised he does work but will not earn enough by September 2009 when his MBA course starts. So already the story defers a lot as Alex, unlike Spyros, actually had a student loan but basically didn’t want to leave Uni and be in debt. Spyros’ tale is different as if he doesn’t raise the money he doesn’t go to University and his dreams are shattered so back to Greece he goes.
My conclusion is get onto and support Spyros as he is genuine and a true grafter. He is selling text to advertisers for $2 (1.30) per character and you get to choose the colour of your choice and when the page gets refreshed the text changes position on the page. Cheap as chips and helping a good cause.

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