Monday, 30 March 2009

53% of British men regularly bake cakes at home, yeah right!

Have you heard about the new cake baking revolution for under 25's? Me neither. I read this review which confirms 'Shaking off its ‘old lady’ image for good, Caking is now seen by more than a third (34 per cent) of the UK’s under 25s as a trendy, sexy activity'. It also goes as far as saying baking is the new knitting! Since when has knitting been cooler than baking, I mean everyone loves cakes right? but it does have a point, me and my boyfriend baked a cake at Christmas, ok it may have been part of his tradition at home but we tried it and it was fun, the cake wasn't amazing but we enjoyed making it.
They also refer to the credit crunch but the ingredients to make an amazing cake may actually cost more than buying one at mark and sparks! But hey nothings wrong with a little bake session is there....

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