Friday, 27 March 2009

Student selling text, can he do it?

I’m sure I wrote down this idea but lost the notebook I wrote it in! I wish!, was created by student Spyros Pyrgiotis, 23, in order to make money to pay his, very expensive if I don’t say so myself, university fees of £17,000 for his MBA in London. The concept is so simple, selling a page full of characters to advertisers at a very cheap as chips price of $2 (£1.50) per character. I no what some of you internet heads are thinking, milliondollarhomepage right? Wrong, yes they are both offering advertising space and are both students but both ideas are different and unique. As Spyros says himself, ‘I'm now officially establishing pay per character advertising’. It has a different approach and a good foundation. is "the only website on the net that consists of 100% text." So anyone for some text?

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